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Droughtscan: mapping underground soil moisture variations

  • Regional and local soil moisture maps
  • Detects wet and dry areas in fields and around water barriers
  • Usable during droughts and floods, excellent for monitoring climate
  • Delivered as geo-referenced dataset with technical report

Mapping drought from the air

Use our special aerial soil moisture scanner to map drought for larger areas. Area covering, resolution 5-10 meters. Gain insight in regional soil moisture variations.

Soil moisture maps with 1 meter resolution

Droughtscan with our mobile soil moisture scanners results in area covering, geo-referenced soil moisture maps with 1 meter resolution.

Validation of satellite data with Droughtscan

Soil moisture products from satellite imagery may have coarse resolutions or need multiple modelling and interpolation steps. Use ground based Droughtscan to validate your satellite data product.

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